Thursday, March 21, 2013

He eats!!!

Man oh man! What a week it has been!  it has literally been overwhelming, crazy, and sooo awesome all at the same time! Our baby is totally becoming a little boy...... Sigh...... Trying to keep the tears (joyful and ahhh) under control ;-) so Case went from HATING food in basically all forms except milk to suddenly being a champion eater! I'm so proud of him! We kept trying and he just wasn't taking the bait but we never pushed.... And like most things..... All in good time they work out .... This past weekend it was like he flipped a switch! Suddenly he grabs and devours his little gfree organic spinach and kale puffs like a champ! He eats every bite of his homemade pear, blueberry, and quinoa puree and chews right through his bites of fresh avocado! !! But he doesn't like to grab those himself.... If it sticks to his hand... He is not a fan! Lol!!! But he will let me put it in his mouth over and over ;-)  Its unreal and incredible! He has been eating two meals a day like that for a week now!

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