Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Back to the park with Mommy & Daddy!

We went back to the park for more fun with Case! Here's a few pictures of our adventure!
Tunnel vision!

 Another Swingin' good time!
Big Boy!

Stink Face!!
So, we were trying to get Case to look up and smile for some pics for us and we weren't having very much luck- just then a sweet little girl named Katie came over and graciously offered to help us get him to look up for the pictures ;) - She was adorable and apparently Cason thought so too - suddenly he perked up- ha!  "So, you come to this park alot?... it's one of my favorites... no big deal..." Case charmingly says.
 "whatttttt? you're FUNNY! that happened last time you were here?..."
 "This is only my second time coming here - but I will probably be around a lot this spring, hanging out, playing, you know...."
 "so, it was really nice meeting you! Hopefully I will catch you around the jungle gym again soon!  You know I will probably be crawling and pulling up next time - it's gonna be awesome... so, if ya wanna hang out again...." 
He was so funny - just flirting, flirting, flirting all the while this little girl going on and on about what an adorable baby we have and how this is her favorite park - it was SO cute.... he is totally going to be a lady-killer! lol!!!
 Cool shadow play on our way out!
Love to ALL!

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