Saturday, February 23, 2013


So Case had his first crawfish boil tonight and it wore him out ;-) we were at Rhashonda and K's house helping them pack up the kitchen for their upcoming move and they treated us to some AMAZING crawfish!!!!

We had an awesome time with fabulous friends!  We had all the babies on our backs in the ergos while we packed and they were all starting to get fussy and so we gave them each a stalk of celery.... Miraculously, this worked they all got happy and content! And we were able to keep on truckin ;-) then Case totally passed out celery in mouth!!!!

It was hilarious we couldn't believe our eyes!!! This is literally only the second time since his birth that he has fallen asleep without nursing and serious effort on our part! And how we talked about -but never took a pic of the three little and big amigos I have no idea?! Shame on us! All the same- great fun - great food! Also it was Sara & E's first time having boiled crawfish- fun to be part of that!! And God bless them if they ever hope to find them that tasty in a restaurant!  It was a culinary event from S & E's fantastic buffalo blue cheese chicken dip as our appetizer to the crawdads to the chocolate cake with fresh whipped cream and berries! No wonder I feel like I've gained 5 lbs! Now to get some sleep! Love to all!

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