Tuesday, February 12, 2013

First time fun in the park!

We recently took Cason to the park for the first time! He had a good ole time people watching and playing with his best little friends!!  He was in the sandbox (another first) and he was with Cayden who is a little older and wiser in the way of sandbox- pile building ;) So, Case paid close attention to Cayden's every move and then asked him, "Dude, can you show me how to make a pile like that?"
To which Cayden replied, "You want to know how to build a cool pile like this one?" Cason said, "yeah that is one good looking pile..."
Cayden then reassured him that he could show him just how to do it! "Watch closely I have a well honed technique," he said.
"I am ready to learn!" said Case as he proceeded to focus on this educational experience!
Later, after the sand pile lesson we went for another first for Case - SWINGING!! He loved it and it was precious to watch him enjoy it and get to watch all the other kids playing from a new and exciting perspective!
Love to all!!

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