Monday, February 18, 2013

First Word!

Drumroll please............................ We officially have Case's first word to report!!! "DADA"!  So, it was hilarious how this happened........ last night while the three of us were at the dinner table, Case was chattering away at us as he so often does in his little syllables all strung together and one of his favorites is "DA" so we get long strings of DADADADA type sounds all the time but with no real "intention" or "direction"... So, I say to BB, "when do we eventually make the call and say his first word has been said and if it is "dada"?  b/c he uses those sounds so often but doesn't seem to mean them distinctly yet..." to which BB replies, "not yet that's for sure," agreeing that he doesn't use it precisely or with any intention.  Then one second later as Case has been listening to our chat over all this, BB says to Case, "Can you say DADA?" and Case looks right at him and clear as day, repeats "DADA" back to him!!!! We both cracked up immediately and said simultaneously, "well i guess that settles that!" and so there you have it Case has spoken and the word is "DADA!"  As for a follow up with "MAMA" i may be in for quite a wait since none of his little sounds include an "M" just yet ;) - SO, that is the news from this weekend - SO EXCITED!

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